DEJUNO: High Quality Travel Luggage For Life


Dejuno Corporation is a company devoted to the manufacture and distribution of high quality travel luggage at an equitable price. We strongly believe that our competitive prices should not truncate the quality, performance, or durability of our products.

Dejuno Corporation manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of products specifically designed to meet the various needs of travelers worldwide. Dejuno’s headquarters are located in greater Los Angeles, where all forms of business, customer service, and authorized repair/replacement are conducted.

During our two decades of practice, we have concluded one denominating factor in our exponential success: customer satisfaction. We view ourselves as partners with our customers. We strive daily to strengthen our partnerships and products to further ensure the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.





  • At the end of our vacation, the rain drenched everyone’s luggage except for ours. We opened our bags and all our belongings were completely dry!!!

    Cathy Dubois

  • I purchased the Neato for a last minute trip to NYC. I stuffed it and I thought I would have trouble packing my souvenirs. All of my souvenirs fit! Talk about roomy!

    Kaitlyn Mendoza